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Welcome to HealWorks

When you cut yourself, your body will heal the wound.
Your body’s innate wisdom is responsible for this healing, as it is also conscious of everything that happens in your life.

At HealWorks we respect this inner wisdom of your body and know that your body can heal itself, all that is required is Attention and Observation to reveal and begin the healing process.

The main therapy we use is BodyTalk as it adheres to the priority (or sequence) in which your body want to do the healing. We determine the areas of priority by following the BodyTalk exploring procedure and using neuromuscular biofeedback through the touching of your arm or hand to determine yes/no answers. Non-invasive techniques will then be used to establish better communication in your body-mind for the natural healing to begin.

Although BodyTalk is Wholehealthcare, it integrates seamlessly into any other healthcare modality and is complementary to each modality.

Most illness is just stress from not living in harmony” - Dr. Bruce H. Lipton

More on BodyTalk
BodyTalk session

Very safe, non-invasive, confidential and comfortable.


Less than an hour to get your body on its path to a better you.

In-Person Session

Come and relax while we help your Body do the healing.

Remote Session

As effective as In-Person, while you go about your normal day.

Help Your Body Do The Healing

“Beliefs and thoughts alter cells in your body.” – Bruce Lipton

Can BodyTalk help me?

BodyTalk can be used as a standalone to treat your whole Body-Mind, or as a complement to modern medicine or other healing modalities. BodyTalk clients have exhibited significant improvement in many areas. Do you suffer from ...


When too much stress builds up around us, it causes the nervous system to spin out of control and so keeping us from functioning effectively in our daily lives. BodyTalk helps to bring the nervous system out of emergency mode, so that the body's natural ability to heal can resume. READ MORE

Depression and Anxiety

Anxiety and depression can be expressions of a complex web of influences including genetics, brain chemistry, personality, and live events. BodyTalk recognizes and understands the powerful effect that these triggers can have on the way that each and every one of your 30 trillion cells function. READ MORE

Autoimmune Diseases

In a fast-paced world with family, career and social live it’s common to feel tired and achy. Nothing seems to relieve these symptoms. Where you might have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease or not, BodyTalk does not diagnose or prescribe, but instead listens to your body on what needs to be healed.

Chronic pain

Your body keeps hurting weeks, months, or even years. The Dull, Throbbing, Burning, Shooting, Squeezing, Stinging, Soreness, Stiffness pain that just stays there. A 2015 study showed that BodyTalk can be very effective in reducing pain level as well as emotional symptoms associated with long-term chronic pain. READ MORE

Frequently Asked Questions

Your dis-ease might be from many years of unresolved incidents, experiences, traumas and emotions that has influenced your Emotional, Physical and Mental wellbeing.
While BodyTalk does not diagnose or treat specific ailments, clinical experience has shown that once the overall internal systems are balanced through BodyTalk, clients have exhibited better overall health and the disappearance of symptoms. BodyTalk can be used as a standalone to treat your whole Body-Mind, or as a complement to modern medicine or other healing modalities. BodyTalk clients have exhibited significant improvement amongst others in the areas of:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Allergies
  • Headaches
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Addictions
  • Back Pain
  • Phobias
  • Chronic pain or Sports Injuries
  • Sports Performance
  • Emotional disorders
  • Learning disorders
  • Digestive disorders
  • Endocrine Disorders
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Infections: Viral, Bacterial, Fungal, Parasitic
  • Various other Chronic & Acute Medical Conditions
  • If we are bringing about change in various body parts through BodyTalk, there is going to be a healing process. For example, if someone has an arthritic hip and we do a BodyTalk treatment that increases circulation and nerve supply to the muscles and articular capsule, there is going to be better functioning of the joint. At this point, it is likely that the joint will become sore because it is working and moving more, whilst repairing itself. This is unavoidable as it is part of the natural healing process.

    In BodyTalk, another common example of a healing process is when treating a chronic virus. When the treatment starts, the client will often report a high temperature with some aches and pains. This is the natural way for the body to get rid of the virus by actively attacking it.

    This varies from person to person. It is necessary for you to monitor afterwards not only how you feel physically but also observe if you are responding mentally and emotionally in the same manner in similar situations in comparison to previous events and responses. Often a general sense of wellbeing is noted along with other changes.

    Healing is individually tailored, and the rate of results being noticed varies from person to person. This does not mean there is no healing taking place, as it is happening on a deep level to which the individual may not be aware of. This might mean that more time or sessions are needed for the healing results to be visible. READ MORE

    There is no pre-determined number of sessions. Each person is unique and will have different requirements as to how frequently he/she will benefit from BodyTalk sessions. In some cases, people will gain immediate improvement and will only need 3-5 sessions to achieve their goal. People who have long-standing physical or emotional conditions may need more sessions.

    Many people follow a “4-6 weeks” health maintenance routine after the initial reason for seeking BodyTalk had been addressed. READ MORE

    In-Person BodyTalk Session – R500.00
    Remote BodyTalk Session – R500.00
    We offer three payment options:
    • Electronic Fee Transfer (EFT)
    • Snapscan
    • Cash